Nice article by Michael Grant in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

"I think I'm ready to play in the big leagues," he said through Bats trainer/interpreter Tomas Vera. "I just have to wait for them to give me the opportunity. I'm a patient person."
"He's learning a lot," said Power, a former major leaguer. "If you go out there and try and throw 102 mph because you can, you're going to wear yourself down pretty fast. ... His command is getting much better. His understanding of pitching in certain situations is getting much better."
Edinson Volquez, the Cincinnati Reds ace who is rehabbing with the Bats, has been imparting some veteran wisdom.

"He needs to prepare more before the game," he said. "He's got great stuff. He's still young. He has to attack the zone and be aggressive, because he has a good fastball. He can do whatever he wants."

Chapman is paying attention.

"I'm a person that listens a lot," he said. "Whenever someone gives me good advice, I listen."