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Saw "The Last Airbender" last night.

In a word: Trainwreck.

This movie is "Dune" for a new generation. It's a giant mess that, in what I can only assume is a compulsion to be absolutely faithful to it's source material, ends up glossing over any interesting ideas, leaving whole aspects of the "universe" it exists in unexplained, and creates characters that wold generously be described as shallow and 2D. The acting ranges from hammy to awful, the plot follows no discernable logic, and there is nothing by way of character development.

I'd stay far away.
My daughter loves the Nick cartoon version, and wants to see this. I've read the reviews and I'm dreading it. I'll avoid the 3D, but I've been doing that when possible for most films. It's not necessary.

I've seen it compared to The Last Compass and Eragon. Two movies that were supposed to be part of the series, destroyed the source material and did so poorly that plans for sequels were cancelled.