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besides the beautiful production values, i know my husband and i both said it took us back to our own childhoods during that same period. as parent and g-parent, i thought the naturalness of the scenes with the babies and children were lovely and spot on and made me cry...which i tend to do more as i get older..then of course all of the questions to and about god, which everyone has..i will say i did like the "family" movie better than the "creation" movie.

i know people tend to either really like it or really don't, and i can understand how it can hit you either way. but i tend to enjoy malick's rare movies, and this is no exception.
I just couldn't seperate the family story from the creation story and that part (along with all the whispering) just ruined it for me. I can see how there coule be some emotional connection, I'm just not at that part of my life I guess so it missed for me. Thanks for your response.