Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.

Pretty much followed the book, some things were left out/altered, my guess is they thought the movie long enough at 2:40 already, but nothing that greatly changed the story line from the book. I never saw the original films, but I enjoyed this movie very much, as much as I enjoyed the book, which is pretty rare.

Couple observations w/o giving anything away:

I thought they did a good job of making Lisbeth look like a boy at times, as is often mentioned in the book, w/o making it obvious that they were making her look like a boy.

I was courious what kind of credit Plague would get, since in his couple of scences, he was never referred to by name. I didn't know if they'd list him by the name in the book, or if they'd list him as "hacker boy #1" or whatever. They listed him by plague.

I wished they dealved into Lisbeth's background a little more to set up the 2nd movie, the way the book did, but I imagine its more important for the 2nd movie, and the movie was already plenty long. Had to cut something, I could see why this was left out, but I would have sat another 5-10 minutes to introduce that bit a little.

I think I we encounted just about all the movie go-er annoyances however. We had "open up cell phone and check text message guy/girl" which escalated to another level as they started comparing texts with the person next to them. We had overly nasal guy behind us, how rather than blowing his nose felt the need to suck in his flem every 10 minutes. We had the "I most comment on all the small things" person next to us, who felt the need to comment that 2nd time they showed lisbeth eating a "happy meal" comment, "oh she must like McDonalds" (just 1 of many examples) as if that had any importance to the story, other than what MdDonald's paid the produce to get the spot. I guess Billy's Pan Pizza couldn't come up w/ the same amount of coin. I had "must bump into the back of my seat 20X during the movie" person behind me, despite being in a stadium style theater w/ a ton of leg room. Its little wonder (aside from the 3.5 year old kid) why we attend movies so infrequently anymore.

Coincidently, finished up the 3rd book last night, looking forward to the next 2 movies.