No words can describe how much I hate the Cubs. I have a couple friends who are cubs fans and they are the most annoying people in the world to watch a ball game with. Great guys away from the sport but I want to just punch them in the face every time I talk Cubs and baseball with them.

I would love to see Wood dominate today. Just dominate the Cubs.

Seriously I mean like beat the cubs so bad it should be illegal.

I want Votto to hit 3 bombs in a game at some point.

I want Bruce to dent the brick.

I want Cueto to make Derek Lee look stupid on a called 3rd strike so Lee does the lean back move he does. I dont know if you guys know what im talking about but it annoys me.

Most of all I just want the Cubs to fall so far out of the race they further implode than they already have. They will look great sitting 13.5 games out by monday morning.