Great night in NC for a ball game, perfect weather, small crowd at the park-my kinda combination! Francisco got us rolling well with a bomb in the 2'nd, but we choked it away in the 9'th. I got there early trying to score some autographs, got Hannigan, Burton, and Valaika to sign balls for me before the game, a handful of others were signing as well. Volquez came out and signed for a few before heading back into clubhouse, missed him then. Alonso, Francisco, Matthews walked through the fans but avoided any contact or response to any attempts. Chapman never came out of the clubhouse until right at game time, so couldnt get him. Francisco did toss me a foul ball from 3'rd base early in the game. My seats were right on the corner of the dugout, so chatted Volquez and few other players up during game, Volquez signed my jersey for me after the game, and posed for a picture for me during hte game when he saw me focusing my camera in the dugout-he seems like a fun kinda guy. Balentein also had a great personality, was dancing and seemed to be having fun all night. Jukich (sp?) pitched ok, nothing great, but certainly not bad either, not enough to make me think we will see much of him long term in Cincy, but enough where I could see him being a trade piece or jumping around for a career.