We've heard a lot of talk about starters and relievers but not that much talk about a bat to add. I went through the teams toward the lower half of the standings and came with a list of 20 names.

Kinda slim pickings. Some probably aren't worth having and some might not even be made available by their teams. Which, if any, would you want or would you just stand pat with Heisey, Gomes, Nix & Dickerson? Or are there other names you'd pursue?

Vernon Wells (TOR)
Ty Wiggington (BAL)
Adam Jones (BAL)
Nick Markakis (BAL)
Austin Kearns (CLE)
Matt Laporta (CLE)
David DeJesus (KC)
Jose Guillen, (KC)
Alex Rios (CHI)
Carlos Quentin (CHI)
Andruw Jones (CHI)
Michael Taylor (OAK)
Cody Ross (FLA)
Josh Willingham (WAS)
Adam Dunn (WAS)
Garrett Jones (PIT)
Lance Berkman (HOU)
Carlos Lee (HOU)
Chris Young (ARI)
Justin Upton (ARI)