Here is the quote of the millenium (so far) from Dusty Baker:

“People were upset because we were playing Willy, but we were playing Willy because we were trying to trade Willy,” Baker said. “You can’t trade somebody if he isn’t playing. Not to go back in the past, but don’t that make sense?”
Let's recap. The Rockies couldn't trade him for a bag of baseballs so they just dump him. The Reds bid against themselves, I suppose, and sign Taveras to a ridiculous two-year contract. And now we are supposed to believe that the Reds were forced to play him because they were trying to trade him??!!? The Reds signed him in order to trade him when they had already seen that nobody wanted him? Think about that pretzel logic. We know nobody wants him so we will sign him to an inflated contract in order to trade him. What? Did they think they were going to maximize his value by overpaying him? And if the Reds were really trying to trade him they should have sat him because his value went down every time he stepped onto the field. I certainly can't figure that one out. So, no Dusty, it doesn't make any sense.