With all the "vote for Votto" and "get Cliff Lee" dicussions going on, there might not be much interest in this topic, but here are my questions for those needing something else to think about for a couple of minutes...

On the Cliff Lee thread, there is a link to a Joe Sheehan column where he tongue-in-cheek sees the future. He predicts the Reds get Cliff Lee and that there is a three way tie for first place in the AL Central.

I am old and remember the 1964 season when the Reds, Phillies, and Cardinals all went into the last game of the season with the possibilty of a three-way tie for first. When the Reds lost to the Phillies, the pieces were in place for the historic tie if the Cardinals lost their game to the Mets. It didn't happen because the Cards won their game and went on to the World Series.

Before that last game when there was possility of a three-way tie, someone (the commisioner?) came up with a round robin playoff formula. I do not remember how it was suppose to have been played out and can't find anything that explains the plan.

Does anyone remember?

Also, with today's divisional play and wild card team, there would be a lot of complications with a three-way tie.

Say the White Sox, Tigers, and Twins all finish with 85 wins and are tied for first in the Central. How would that be fairly played out?

Now, suppose the Rays are in second place in the AL East and tied with those three teams with 85 wins for first place for the wild card place in the playoffs. How should that be handled?

Just some questions that have been keeping me awake at night...