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You gotta get 6 wins at some juncture--if not at this deadline (and honestly, how many teams in recent memory have added 6 wins worth of players at the deadline?), then you start all over again in the offseason, when you're trying to match dollars, not just prospects. The Reds lose two average starters this offseason--they're going to chase their own tails just to replace those innings.
How many teams have added 6 wins of production at the deadline, none. it's cost prohibitive and very risky given the amount of future production you'd have to give up to get it. Most .500 talent teams aren't stupid enough to try and go all-in.

The Reds have options on both Harang and Arroyo. Arroyo's is at the same $$ we're paying him this year. Haragn's salary goes up by all of $250k. You only lose them if you want to lose them. And even if you do choose to let them go, you have $20M to "chase your tail" trying to replace them. You also have a number of guys in AAA who are much better than the options we've had in years past -- legitimate prospects.

It seems that you're simply unable or unwilling to distinguish our current circumstance from the situations we've been in over the last 10 years.