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The thing about the Braves, though, is that Bobby Cox is a lot like Red Foreman from That 70s Show: Bust your butt without being a pain in my butt, and everything will be fine.

If you can do that, history tells us that you are most likely going to be on a team that wins a lot of games and goes to the post-season. It also tells us that if/when you slump as a player, Cox will stick with you and work with you longer than a lot of other managers.

When Warren Buffett sells a stock he's usually ahead of the curve. Same thing with Cox/Schuerholz and young players. The young guys they deal away generally bottom out and fade away on someone else's watch. Outside of Elvis Andrus, very rarely have they dealt away a young guy to watch him blossom elsewhere.

(The Rangers got it right when they put the Braves over a barrell & demanded Andrus for Teixiera a couple of years ago. That's the only deal I remember in 15 years in the ATL where there was unified consensus that giving up Andrus was a steep price to pay.)
Feliz, Harrison and Salty were in that deal too. Pretty steeply overpaid.