Hal McCoy is back from his Hilton Head vacation, stuffed to the gills with seafood. He’ll have to settle for a hot dog when he watches former Reds slugger Adam Dunn try to hit one into the Ohio River tonight.

Q While I love and admire the playing style of Jonny Gomes and the raw ability of Drew Stubbs, isn’t it about time Chris Heisey saw more starts? — Pat, Troy

A That wouldn’t bother me at all, especially after seeing what Heisey is capable of doing and how both Gomes and Stubbs are prone to slip into offensive funks. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Gomes and Stubbs a different day off each week and permit Heisey to start twice a week. I’d like to see Paul Janish start a game a week at third and a game a week at short, giving Scott Rolen and Orlando Cabrera a day off each week. But the last time I looked at my job description, I didn’t see anything that said, “Part-Time Manager, Cincinnati Reds.”

Q Listening to Cincinnati radio stations surprises me because I hear so much anti-Dusty Baker negativity. Why would you complain about a manager who has the team in first place at the All-Star break? — Greg, Cincinnati

A Doesn’t surprise nor shock me. I’ve heard it for 38 years. Even in the Glory Days of The Big Red Machine fans criticized Sparky Anderson for being too quick with the hook with his pitching staff, hence his nickname Captain Hook. And they criticized him for being a push-button manager because he had the audacity to identify eight great players and use them every day. Fans aren’t happy unless a team wins every game — and even then they’d find fault for not winning by a bigger margin. Fans have been harsh on Baker, finding fault when he loses and finding fault when he wins. I guess we mark it down as being part of the game and call it, “Fans Are Only Happy When They Can Complain.”