This thread idea came to me after reading the "Sports Bucket List" thread. What are the coolest sports experiences in your lifetime? Basically, what have you already crossed off your bucket list? Great chance for us all to brag about our stories and experiences. I figure that RZ will have plenty of great stories to share.

Some of mine:

1. Attended a WVU final 4 game (WVU lost obviously).

2. Attended the 2006 Sugar Bowl (WVU 38 - UGA 35)

3. Attended the 2008 Fiesta Bowl (WVU 48 - Oklahoma 28)

4. Attended the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

5. Attended the OSU/UM game in 2001 (year OSU won the title).

6. Attended WVU @ Auburn in 2009 (I had never been to an SEC stadium. Will also be going to the WVU/LSU game in Death Valley this year).

7. Played Muirfield Village Golf Club 3 times.

8. Played Scioto Country Club 4 times.

9. Played Riviera (L.A.) once.

10. Attended the Memorial tournament about 13 times.

11. Attended the 2008 MNC (OSU-Florida)

Used to work at a golf course that Kent Mercker was a member of, and used to chat baseball with him for hours about baseball stories. Guy has some absolute doozies. Phil Mickelson is a friend of my uncles, so I've gotten to talk to him a few times over the years. A few years back, Fil3232 and I threw back many a beer with former British Open champ Todd Hamilton at a local establishment in Dublin, and I whooped him in pool 3 times. We followed him the next round and he told me to come back to the bar that night, and this time we were going to play for some money! We ended up not going back that night. I don't have too many cool athlete-interaction stories.

I'm sure I'll think of more things I've done, but that's all I've got for now. Let's hear yours!