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I've got a number of experiences at sporting events that I consider to be "cool" for personal reasons, but that I'm sure don't even register as blips on the radar screen for normal people:
Mine are like that. Probably the best one was when my alma mater, James Madison, beat 3-time defending I-AA champs - and my wife's alma mater - Appalachian State in 2008. In doing so, they avenged a heartbreaking loss to App State in the playoffs the previous year, 28-27, when a JMU RB fumbled at the 10-yard line as the team was trying to position itself for the game-winning FG.

But this time, JMU trailed 21-0 at halftime and ended up winning 35-32 in front of the largest ever home crowd at the time - a whopping 17,163 people. Scotty McGee, who was just drafted by the Jaguars in April and is the nicest kid you could ever meet, returned the opening kickoff 99 yards for a TD. Then on JMU's first offensive play of the half, QB Rodney Landers (had a tryout with the Bucs but didn't make it) ran 62 yards for a TD. The lead went back and forth from there with the Dukes coming out on top.

Sure, it's not on the same scale as a Big 10 or SEC clash, but it was damn exciting nonetheless.

One of my other favorites was seeing the Reds play the Rangers the weekend of the RedsZone gathering - has that been 3 years ago already?? Got to hang out with a lot of great folks whose names I won't list in case I leave someone out, but they know who they are.