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West Virginia made its bed and now they're lying in it.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever make emotional hires. After RR dumped WVU, WVU should've waited a few days to collect themselves, and then sit down and think about hiring someone new. I remember vividly telling WVU fans that they'd really regret the hiring of Mr. Stewart. Great, WVU won a BCS bowl game. Big deal. And now your fanbase and administration are so emotionally scarred by the loss of RR, that you feel vindicated to hire an 80-year-old man as your coach?

Emotional hires at IU with Bill Lynch and Miami (Fl) Larry Coker both turned those programs upside down or in opposite directions they were going. Both never should have been made and neither should WVU hiring Stewart.
Actually Lynch led IU to its only bowl game in 17 years. IU really didn't have many options. They pretty much had to have him coach the first year because Hoeppner died in May, they had almost no money leftover because they were busy paying off old athletic directors and basketball coaches, and then Lynch led them to a bowl game. Realistically there weren't a lot of options at the time.