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Hate the fact that Borders is closing -- shopping online for books is nowhere near as pleasant an experience as going to an actual bookstore is.
I loved going to books stores. I usually ended up buying more than I originally intended to. Heck I still enjoy heading out to Barnes and Nobles and browsing all they have to offer.

I tend to read the same authors all the time. When one of the authors I read comes out with a new book I generally head out and buy it. I could head out to the local Boarders and pay close to $30 for the book or buy it off amazon for $20. And now with the advent of readers like kindle I can browse the bargain bin or even the free books instead of paying inflated paperback prices. Boarders would charge roughly $8 for a paperback, even more if the book had become a hit movie or a hit read. They just weren't run with the best fiscal sense especially when other mediums hit the market.