I have beaten a dead horse but, walt jocketty has to make a move for this bullpen or a offensive bat, I realize what he's doing with russ springer and izzy but, something has to be done from the outside where a guy who is doing good in the market can come over here and make some immediate impact, the reds will not win this division within their own system, I'm the biggest diehard reds fan this side of the country but, you guys know as much as i do, things need to be done and hopefully walt will make a move, I just hope the cards don't make a move and we don't respond because they could run away with this NL central.

I still have hope in my reds, we have had a great season soo far, and today looks like another loss but, still we will be 4-3 on this homestand, as long as they go to houston and milwaukee and eek out a 8-5 record in the next few games, i'll be please, yall have a good day!! back to work for me. thoughts?