So I am scanning this here site and find upstairs a thread talking about dealing Bruce to the Orioles for Nick Markasis...

Okay, thread goes on to determine that instead of trading Bruce to offer

3 Prospects: Alonso, Heisey, and Maloney


OF Nick Markasis

Ok, I just want to point out that he is a good ball player. Having an off year... Projected to hit only 10 dingers... But has drove in 100+ runs TWICE and scored 100 runs once... Also hit .300+ 2 times and has always hit .290+ since he bcame a regular.

Ok Ok Ok

Can I say one more thing?


Note: This team is Heavy lefty... We need a Right Handed Power Hitter.

Right Handed Power Hitters available:

OF Corey Hart
1B Prince Fielder (Joey would have to move to Left, but bad trade anyway)
RF Jason Werth (Stud)

Okay, with that being said... Why in the world would we want to trade for Nick Markakis? Or David DeJesus?

Seriously, this team needs Right Handed POP and a couple Legit Bull Pen SHUT DOWN Guys... No Matt Lindstroms or Nate Robersons or Whoever else is on the waiver wire... (Note waiver wire is SARCAM)