I know that many of you are calling for the end of the world with this team:
not being in 1st place,
Bronson getting smacked around by the Nationals (Bad),
Volquez pitching under expectations on Thursday (really bad),
Our line up that day (unbelievably bad),
Wood giving up 4 runs tonight (he is human after all),
and Cairo starting at 3rd base for an extended period of time.
And of course St. Louis being the "Front runner" for Oswald.

But I really believe that if this Reds team can play .500 ball without Scott Rolen we will be OK. If anyone really thinks otherwise please tell me otherwise. We have a stretch against the Astros and the Brewers. If we can simply split this road trip, and Rolen not spend any extended period of time not playing I think we will be OK.

If you think that I am wrong please tell me otherwise.