This might be kind of long but if there are any medically inclined types out there who can read this and have any helpful suggestions I would appreciate it.

I have had right side and/or back issues since about late May. It is either sharp jolts of brief pain in lower(or maybe just an inch or 2 up)back or pain/spasms in the right rib area. It isn't 24-7 pain but during the day its always just enough to tick you off or have to take some pain pills.I have a sit down job so fortunately I can make it thru the work week.

In the middle of all this my urologist found a kidney stone that I had busted up 3 weeks ago. He told me it was in an area that wasnt obstructing anything and he felt this wasnt what was causing the back/right side issues and it seems like he is right. I have had 2 follow-ups with him and he seems to be done with me as he says its no longer a kidney stone issue.

Over the last 6 weeks I have had lumbar xrays/kidney xrays and a cat scan done. The catscan is what showed the kidney stone. The only thing I havent had done is an MRI. In the month of May I was a pallbearer at a funeral-did a lot of mulching/yard jobs at my house and moved a bunch of furniture around for my mom. The first few weeks I assumed I pulled a muscle on my right side but it simply never goes away. It may lessen for a few days but never go away.

Now the strangest thing about all this is when I lay in bed at night is when it hurts the most. Every night when I lay down I basically go thru at 5-10 minute session of both back pain and spasms in my right side and they are enough that you cant go to sleep to begin with or every time you toss and turn during the night the pain wakes you up(this is all after you have already taken 2 vicodin an hour or two before). It hurts to move around in the bed but normally after I get out of the bed and move around it somewhat goes away.

My family doctor doesnt seem to have an answer for me. My urologist seems to be done with me. I went to a chiropractor and he took xray but somehow after a 2 hour visit with him he still couldnt tell me what the xray showed and conviently could only tell me what they showed on my next visit. He was only interested in setting me up for 500 future appointments..No thanks

I keep thinking hernia? pinched nerve? bulging disc? I'm not sure what muscle or organ you have in right rib area that would spasm like mine does all the time. Without getting too graphic this is going to cause issues obviously between me and my wife both physically and financially. I have already racked up couple of thousand in bills and still dont have an answer to my issue..Outside of getting an MRI I'm not sure what else I can do....