Here's a kid that just doesn't have the youth or upside of the other pitching options the Reds have right now... However, I think on the right club, with the right park, he could prove to be a very valuable 3/4 type of starter...

Here's a list of teams that I think Maloney would make a great fit for:

Minn Twins
NY Mets
Pitt Pirates
Sea Mariners
SF Giants
KC Royals
SD Padres
FL Marlins
Was Nationals
LA Dodgers

These are the teams that from what I can tell (really want to dig into this deeper though) that would fit his game the most due to park factors... Clearly his best fit overall would be to a NL West team, as they have 3 of the most conducive parks to his pitching style...

Maloney's fly-ball tendencies would get lost in most of these parks, at which point he becomes a very solid lefty starting option....

Pretty much, point is... IMO he would have a pretty decent value to the right team.