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Yes. The team will be better next year than this year. The team will be better the two or three years after that, too, than this year. Our pitching will improve every year for the next 5 years. Our Offense will be just as good as it will be more balanced. Instead of all of the Offense going through two guys in Votto and Rolen, it will be going through 8, 9, and 10 guys. We won't have guys OPS-ing under .700. It will be a much more balanced team that won't get shut out 8 times in a season, yet alone 16 times in a season like they will be this year. The Offense will be better built for the playoffs as will the pitching be better built for the playoffs. They'll have a shot at 96 wins every season.
I think that is a rosy picture that counts on everything going perfectly. IMO, offense is only as good as the 3, 4 and 5 hitters. The Reds are getting MVP performance from two of those spots and the third had an unconscious month, is pretty good with RISP and is among the leaders in RBI. Voila! The team is leading the league in offense. As those guys fall off, you can count on leading the league again. I think expecting it is foolish. You won't make that up by improving the 7 and 8 holes in the order.

On the pitching side, I do think some individual pitchers will improve, but this team is getting 300 competitive to dominant IP from Arroyo and Rhodes that will need to be made-up and kids like Leake and Wood repeating is no sure thing. Volquez, Bailey and Chapman are all boom or bust types and counting on all three to boom is pie in the sky optimism.

2010 is the first year of this team's window. It may not get any better and letting this opportunity go by because we expect everything to go right and the window to stay open is wasteful. We haven't even mentioned finances and how hard it may be to keep this group intact beyond 2012. Rhodes is probaby gone after 2010. Arroyo after 2011 at best. Phillips probably after 2011 or 2012. If Votto keeps it up, he'll be a $15 Million man by 2012. Rolen could be done in an instant, but probably is gone after 2012. I can go on and on.