I didn't see this being discussed anywhere. On one of our college message boards, they like the proposed changes, thinking it will keep agents from holding colleges hostage on high school players.

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A whole world -- literally -- of possibilities exists for significantly altering the pipeline of talent into Major League Baseball organizations. There's the grand concept of a worldwide draft that would include players from Latin America and other international hotbeds of talent, as opposed to those players all being free agents. There is also the possibility of slotting how much is paid in bonuses, based on Draft order, among other items being discussed.

The Draft is up for discussion by the Special Committee for On-Field Matters, formed by Commissioner Bud Selig. Any major changes to the Draft would be subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Major League Baseball Players' Association, which is due to expire in December 2011, and the Commissioner clearly has some discussion points he wants to address.