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I told some folks yesterday who were at my office about when I had the chance to buy the Johnny VanderMeer ball I have. My bank manager had one and told me that had some more left from a fundraiser VanderMeer had attended here in town. I called my wife from work and asked, "Can I buy a Johnny VanderMeer autographed ball for $25?" "Sure," she said, "as long as I can buy something frivolous too." I told these folks that I love that I have a wife who didn't say "Who" - she knew who this was.

A year or so ago, I had some tickets to the Reds game against the Cubs that I brought to Mass that Sunday because I figured I'd find somebody who could use them. Paint was in town and at church with his girlfriend (now fiancee) and I asked him if they wanted them. He asked if she wanted to go and she said sure, that she wanted to see this Cub fan thing up close. And she did agree the following week that it wasn't hype about how jerky they are. You have to like that!
You had to get permission to buy a 25 dollar ball?