I figured this would be a good place to ask people about the Dayton area. Iím looking into applying for the latest posting with the Dayton Police so any direct information about that posting would be more than appreciative. But Iím really just looking for information about the area. Iíve read all the generic info (Wikipedia type info) about the area, so Iím looking more for like ďinsiderĒ type info. Such as: What is housing like? Iím single so are there good apartment complexes in the area? Non-typical drug or crime problems? High Crime areas?

ANY information on the police department would be great. Anyone with direct information on the department would be great as well as the perception of the police to a civilian.

And lastly, information on University of Dayton. Iím looking to go to grad school at some point in the near future, so information on the university would be great and the Public Administration program in particular.