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That's a reasonable thought. My only problem with this line of thinking is it could essentially be extended so that Wood doesn't throw more than 70 or 60 or 50 pitches in any start.

It's one thing to worry about pitch counts when a guy is struggling with command and has thrown 90 to 100 pitches. Wood went into the 7th having thrown 58 pitches. If you don't pull him there, than I fail to see why you pull him after 4 batters and maybe 12 pitches. At least based on pitch counts by themselves.

He was getting lit up which is the reason I had no problem with him being pulled, but lets not act like sending a guy out with fewer than 60 pitches is going to kill his arm in October.
If he's pitching well in a close game and has a normal pitch count, of course you leave him in as opposed to going to a lesser middle inning arm. But when it's 8-1 after the homer, and the no-no and shut-out aren't milestones for the manager to leave him in to achieve, I say save the innings for later and give the mop-up guys some work.