We have been waiting for is quickly approaching. I am soo excited, this is a huge chance for our reds to take this division over and prove to the so-called experts just how forreal we can be. we have been in this situation before and we haven't really done the job, the cardinals have always got the best of us and have always seem to come away with the big series win but, I feel something diffrent and I feel a change coming in this city and that's winning baseball, it's just there this year..I just feel it.

we have the offense when capable, we have the starting pitching to give us quality starts and we have the bullpen when everything is clicking. I truly believe we come out of this with a sweep, I woke up this morning with a sense of urgency for this upcoming series. I feel something special is about to take place and something huge is going to happen, let's get behind our reds, I know sometimes we have arguments on here and sometimes we have diffrent point of views but tonight is something completely diffrent...tonight is about payback to what the cardinals have done to us over the course of the past few years and it's time to owe them back what they have done to us.

who's behind me?? GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!