Really fired up about this series, I like who Cincy has going but not in love with Leake going Game 1. Would rather see Arroyo, as it seems like he'd have the best demeanor for a game like this. Younger guys are a little more up and down but hopefully Leake brings his A game tonight and the bats are on.

Then again, with the way Carpenter has taken the torch from Oswalt as Cincy Killer #1 (10-3, 1.96 ERA), maybe having Leake throw tonight is the best matchup. Then Cueto and Arroyo can go after the other two games.

Looking at the matchups, maybe this is the game that Walt had in mind when he picked up GMJ (.878 career OPS vs Carp)?

Either way, this is the kind of series that makes being a baseball fan what it's all about.