Sorry - hit "reply" before I was done posting. A premature postulation.

If we beat Alabama at home on Tuesday, we win the SEC reg season title...I would be ecstatic about that, considering this team lost early season games to juggernauts like UCF and never know what you're gonna get with this bunch....lots of nice wins over quality opponents but some inexplicable losses as well. We lost to South Carolina on our home floor but then turned around and blew them out on theirs. And SC is not that good. Almost got clipped by the worst team in the SEC, LSU, because we went to sleep in the 2nd half.

Obviously the outcome of the SEC Tourney will weigh heavily on the seeding, but right now, I'm thinking UF gets a 3 or a 4 seed and UK is probably looking at a 4 or a 5 - likely a 4. UK wins the SEC-T and it could move all the way up to a 2. UF's peripherals are good enough to get a boost up to a #2 with an SEC-T victory as well.

Disappointed in the outcome yesterday but I really did not expect a win at Rupp. One can never "expect" a win there. Excited about Tuesday....but if we manage to lose to that Bama team at home, a Bama team that has feasted on that weak SEC Western division, it has to be considered nothing more than an epic fail. Our only remaining game is on the road in that weird ass Vandy gym, a place were few teams play well.

Congrats on the big victory.