Seriously I dont know if this is too much to ask but can we please shut down registration? The amount of cardinal fan trolls has increased such massive amounts that for every 1 post from a Reds fan there seems to be 2 blatant trolling post in response.

I enjoy posting here. I enjoy not seeing eye to eye with random Red fans on issues involving the team, but when it comes to guys spamming new accounts and just trolling and derailing every thread or creating accounts to trying to troll as "Reds fans".

It's totally pointless for anyone to post in the Sun Deck right now. There is no discussion its trolling and derailing of every thread.

You guys please have to do something other than just banning people. I know you guys are trying but it's not working. There is a new troll every hour pissing every single good member you have in the Sun Deck off. I'm honestly pretty close to not even visiting the site due to this nonsense.