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Dumb reds fans:

Hate to say i told you so.

But cueto was the only gangsta trash ball in that whole pile up. Spiking somebody in the face i somewhat surprised he didnt get more.

Definitely getting the to the point where i dont like our two dominican pitchers. I would trade both of them for josh hamilton back right now.
Amazing how he didn't get tossed from the game, but yet he gets a seven-game suspension. One player, out of 40, who was for the most part defending himself, is the only one who gets suspended? That's amazing to me. Yet players who mouthed off (and I'm including Phillips in that) and instigated the brawl and then re-ignited it once again after it had appeared to have calmed down get a slap on the wrist.

But again, we are talking about Major League Baseball officials.