I'm not here to troll, insult or make fun of the Reds. I'm not here to say the Cards were of no fault in the fight. I would like to share my view of the fight in a respectful manner. i wasn't surprised by what happened. It always seems to happen between LaRussa and whomever Dusty Baker is managing at the time. The two managers know how to press each others buttons.

1. I'll start with Brandon Phillips. Always thought he was a talented player and liked him. Now i think he's a talented, dumb player. Not because he said what he said, but because he called a whole team a bunch of "b*tchs" then tried tapping the catchers shin guard twice as if nothing happened. I won't call him a thug, or anything else. Just dumb. As Molina said "Don't talk bad about me and my team and expect me to be in a good mood."

2. Chris Carpenter. No clue what he said to Baker to get everything going again, but it was wrong. I agree with the Reds fans in that Carp should have gotten a suspension. Everything calmed down, and Carp said something to set off Dusty. I do think the huge brawl was largely misunderstood by the rest of the players as it looked like Rolen was trying to get to Carp to remove him from the situation. That's when the whole thing blew up.

3. Johnny Cueto. Here's where i disagree with most of you. Yes, he was getting pushed up against the fence but if you go back to watch the video again, he put himself on that side of the mob as he was going after Carpenter. Cueto and Carpenter were on opposite sides of the mob, Cueto being on the outermost part. When Carpenter opened his mouth(dumb), Cueto went around the mob to get at Carpenter. Rolen, Gomes and Hernandez (probably some others) were the players to inadvertently moved Cueto away from Carpenter and into the netting. At that point Cueto should have moved away. Actually, it looks like there were no Cardinal players around until Cueto started kicking. Now, at first it just looks like Cueto is trying to push the pile off of him. But, on the Fox Sports Midwest feed, he clearly maneuvers himself to kick Carpenter. Once he kicked Carpenter, LaRue went after him. One kick, i can accept the "he was getting the mob off him" excuse but he kicked one guy(LaRue) in the face repeatedly whom had to get stitches and has a concussion and kicked Carpenter repeatedly. One kick, ok. But he kicked many times, with spikes on. I don't care how you try to spin it, kicking a guy in the face with metal spikes is wrong and he was not defending himself.

In closing, I respect an honest discussion so you won't find a bunch of name calling from this guy. If you respect my opinion, i'll respect yours.