I wanted to make an initial post on here (as well as a local Bengals web forum) to gather ideas and general advice from fellow sports fans.

I've been wanting to start my own local sports blog for some time. In fact, I've been gaining professional sports experience since I graduated from College.

- 3 years with WCPO-TV (Channel 9 News)
- 3 years with the Reds organization
- 2 years with the Pirates organization
- 3 years with MLB Advanced Media (working for MLB.com for Reds home games)

Beyond that, I've always had a strong passion for local sports. So, what a better way to focus that passion that to begin my own blog? ...one that allows for fun interaction from fellow fans such as those who frequent this site. I'm not going into this endeavor to make money, although I'd probably allow for some small advertising with local companies (owned by friends).

I've gathered some ideas of my own for content, topics, and general layouts of the blog. I'm here to ask YOU what interests you in a sports blog. Many of you probably visit 1530's blog space for Lance McCalister and/or Mo Egger. Others may read the simple ones posted by the Reds and Bengals beat writers. In the end, a blog is a fun place for fans to find news and updates on local area sports, events, and just general thoughts about our favorite teams.

So, please offer your early criticisms, ideas, and thoughts!