Colin Cowerd has been ripping Joey Votto and his supporters for about an hour now. He said, "The all star vote is broke down into 3 categories, legacy, stats, and popularity. He goes on to say that his legacy is not that of Gonzalez, Prince Albert or Howard. He said that he is not as popular, and that his stats are just a little bit better than those mentioned.

I do agree that these other 1st baseman have a better legacy, but Joey Votto has been playing for 3 years. That is not enough time to develope a legacy. He will have a great one.

His numbers are the best, regardless of time, span or anything else. Votto has better numbers than everyone else.

I agree that the others are more popular but that is because of their legacy, not their stats this year. So in my opinion, it is not a 3 dimension argument, but a 2 dimension argument. Popularity and legacy are the same.

Ryan Howard is not putting up great numbers, he is an all star because of his manager.

Colin Cowherd has a problem with Cincy.

Colin is doing a good thing for Votto, he is talking about him.