According to today's Bats game notes today,

Juan Francisco was activated
Chris Denove was sent to AA
Devin Mesoraco was assgined to AAA
Jason Isringhausen was put on the the DL
Jerry Gil was promoted to AAA.

The first four moves were expected, and should benefit the Bats tremendously in their quest for the division/wild card. So it is hard to complain about the Reds only using the Bats for player development, and not helping them win in a pennant race. But the Gil promotion does not help the Bats win, or help develop a player that could conceivably help the Reds.

Gil has walked 53 batters in 56 AAA innings. In his last 10 games he has walked 13 in 13.1 innings. His other peripherals are decent, and he must have had some luck, as his ERA is 4.66, but he clearly has yet to gain anything close to AA level control, and this fault makes him nowhere near being able to help the Bats, let alone the Reds in the near future. Guys like Joe Krebs and Lee Tabor - or pretty much anyone in the Carolina bullpen - would help the Bats more, and could even help the Reds soon. Could someone explain why Gil was brought up instead of Krebs?