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Disagree completely. It's all part of the entertainment that is sports. I like when people show emotion. I laugh when people celebrate meaningless personal achievements while their team is down 20 points (I actively encourage it, shouting at players who I have on my fantasy team to "Get up and talk some trash!" no matter the situation). I enjoy clever celebrations.

I guess I just don't take sports as seriously as some people do -- I love them, I live and die personally by the play of my favorite teams, but at the end of the day I understand that they're pretty meaningless in the greater picture of life. People are being paid to play a game. I don't think it's right to sit back and chide them for not treating the playing field like a courtroom.
Like I said, maybe I'm getting old and cranky, but it impresses more when a person acts like they've been there before. It has nothing to do with taking sports seriously, but I'd like it if the guys I pay money to pull for would mirror my own personal values a little more closely. Call me selfish.