Hi everyone. Been around a couple weeks and finally decided to ramble over this way and introduce myself. I recently turned 47 and I'm a lifelong Reds fan. Spent my elementary years in Germantown, Ohio (Reds country), then at age 11 the family moved to Lexington, KY (Reds country), where my parents are from. Have lived most of my life in and around Lexington - except for a couple years working in Parkersburg, WV (half Reds country/half Pirates country).

Moved to upstate New York a few years ago, and now I'm surrounded by Yankee fans (75%) and Red Sox fans (25%). But I'm still as diehard a Reds fan as you'll ever meet. Went to my first Reds games at Crosley Field, then attended many many Reds games at Riverfront (including all through the Big Red Machine era). And now of course I get down to GAB a couple times a year when I'm visiting back home. I still hate the Dodgers (old school division rival). I hate the Cubs (because they're the Cubs!). And obviously I've developed a recent hatred of the Cards. Also a diehard Bengals fan and University of Kentucky fan. WHO DEY!! and Go Big Blue!

I don't post a lot, but it is so cool to be amongst Reds fans and to be experiencing a playoff run for the first time in a looong time. This is great!!