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Thread: OK, here's a Reds TV Guide for out-of-towners's for 2003. Here goes.............

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    OK, here's a Reds TV Guide for out-of-towners's for 2003. Here goes.............

    First of all, this pertains to fans who are NOT in the Reds "home" viewing area. I think by now you all know your rules-- you ONLY reveive Reds game carried via Fox Sports Ohio or a national outlet (ESPN, Fox). Good news for you is that you don't have to deal with Wed. night blackouts, but that's where the good news ends-- the out of towners have you beat by a mile, which really sucks when you think about it.

    Ok, I know the whole TV thing has been cause for much confusion and discussion over the years here at Redszone. I've got a really good handle on it now, and I will do my best to explain it, as well as provide a "TV Guide" of sorts. If it helps to make this a "sticky" then feel free.

    Out of town fans that purchase MLB Extra Innings via DirecTV OR Digital Cable will receive all games telecast by the Fox Sports Net Family.


    First of all, you need to know who your "home" team(s) are. Once you find that out, you need to know that you can only view those games through THEIR network.


    I am considered in the home territory for the Cards and Astros. That does NOT mean that all Cards and Astros games are blacked out for me. That means that I can only watch Cards and Astros games when THEIR Fox Sports channel is carrying the game.

    If Fox Ohio is carrying the Reds-Cards game and Fox Midwest is NOT, then that game is blacked out for me. But as long as Fox Midwest carries the game, then I will get it.

    Here's one small, but confusing catch to this rule:

    When BOTH teams are televising the game, the home team broadcast is the one carried by Extra Innings. Using this same example, if Fox Sports Midwest AND Ohio are both televising the game from Cincy, then I would need to actually turn to my local Fox Sports station and NOT the Extra Innings channel. When the game is played in St. Louis, it would NOT be blacked out through EI.

    Sounds confusing, I know, but it's really pretty simple.

    Basically, find out who your home teams are. Then, understand that you can only watch the Reds play those teams when your "home" team broadcast is carrying the game.

    Exception #2:

    Wed. night games are blacked out because of ESPN rights. The only way you will get Wed. night games is if the Reds are picked up as the game (or alternate game) that evening OR if the Reds are playing your "home" team on your "home" teams Fox Sports Net channel.

    Exception #3:

    Saturday afternoon games are blacked out around Memorial Day because of Fox (the network) right's. If you are out of town, chances are you will not see any Reds Saturday afternoon games, unless they play a local team and are carried on your local Fox station. Good news it that most Reds Saturday games are at night and blackout rules do not apply then.

    I hope that clears it up somewhat for most of you. If not, feel free to email me at edskin1@aol.com and I can try and answer any questions you've got.

    So, without further ado, here is your Reds TV Guide for 2003.

    Please note that three teams we play (Astros, Giants, and Yankees) have NOT released their TV schedules yet, so there will certainly be a few of those games added.

    I have also included games on WGN and TBS.

    I am leaving out a few televised Cards games because for me, they will be blacked out, and I did not highlight those on my schedule.

    I am leaving out ALL Astros games because I am waiting for them to come out with their TV schedule.

    And note that the Expos, Padres, and Phillies DO NOT have any sort of Fox affliliation and therefore, the only way their games are televised is if their opponent broadcasts the game.

    And remember this doesn't include any ESPN or Fox games because those shcedules are determined on a very short-term basis-- usually a week or so before the game.

    (Central Time)


    31st: Pirates (3:10)


    4th: Cubs (6:10)
    5th: Cubs (12:15)
    6th: Cubs (12:15)
    11th: Phillies (6:10)
    12th: Phillies (12:15)
    14th: at Cubs (7:05)
    15th: at Cubs (1:20)
    16th: at Cubs (1:20)
    17th: at Cubs (1:20)
    22nd: Dodgers (6:10)
    24th: Dodgers (6:10)
    25th: Padres (6:10)
    29th: at Rockies (8:05)


    2nd: at Giants (9:15)
    4th: at Giants (3:05)
    9th: Brewers (6:10)
    11th: Brewers (12:15)
    13th: at Cards (7:10)
    16th: at Brewers (7:05)
    18th: at Brewers (1:05)
    20th: Braves (6:10)
    22nd: Braves (6:10)
    23rd: Marlins (6:10)
    24th: Marlins (6:10)
    25th: Marlins (12:15)
    26th: at Braves (12:05)
    27th: at Braves (6:35)
    30th: at Marlins (6:35)
    31st: at Marlins (5:05)


    1st: at Marlins (12:35)
    3rd: Yankees (6:10)
    6th: Blue Jays (6:10)
    10th: at D Rays (6:15)
    12th: at D Rays (6:15)
    13th: Phillies (6:10)
    14th: Phillies (6:10)
    16th: Cubs (6:10)
    17th: Cubs (6:10)
    19th: Cubs (11:35)
    20th: D'Backs (9:05)
    21st: D'Backs (9:05)
    22nd: D'Backs (3:35)
    24th: at Cards (7:10)
    25th: at Cards (7:10)
    26th: at Cards (7:10)
    27th: at Indians (6:05)


    1st: at Pirates (6:05)
    3rd: at Pirates (6:05)
    4th: Mets (12:15)
    5th: Mets (6:10)
    6th: Mets (12:15)
    11th: at Brewers (7:05)
    12th: at Brewers (6:05)
    21st: Brewers (6:10)
    22nd: Brewers (6:10)
    25th: at Mets (6:10)
    26th: at Mets (6:10)
    29th: Rockies (6:10)
    31st: Rockies (6:10)


    1st: Giants (6:10)
    5th: at Dodgers (9:10)
    7th: at Dodgers (9:10)
    8th: at Padres (9:05)
    9th: at Padres (9:05)
    12th: D'Backs (6:10)
    14th: D'Backs (6:10)
    19th: at D'Backs (8:35)
    21st: at D'Backs (8:35)
    26th: Brewers (6:10)


    1st: at Brewers (1:05)
    2nd: at Brewers (7:05)
    5th: at Cards (7:10)
    9th: Pirates (6:10)
    12th: at Cubs (2:20)
    13th: at Cubs (3:05)
    14th: at Cubs (1:20)
    16th: at Pirates (6:05)
    18th: at Pirates (6:05)
    19th: at Phillies (6:05)
    20th: at Phillies (6:05)
    23rd: Cubs (6:10)
    26th: Expos (6:10)
    28th: Expos (12:15)

    I think I counted 88 games there. You need to figure we'll get at least 5-10 national games (mostly on ESPN) and you also have to figure that there are no Astros games listed (we play them about 20 times) and that the Yankees and Giants have yet to release their schedules. Also, factor in that I calculated this using MY blackout rules--- you'll need to factor in yours.

    All told, we're looking at somewhere around 15-20 MORE games than I listed here, but we're just sure which ones yet.

    So, somehwere between 105-115 games would be a good guess-- that's a little more than we've had in recent years. If there is any question as to whether or not Extra Innings is a good buy-- I'd say this just about answers it!

    Hope this helps

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