With the cut of Antonio Bryant, the season of surprise NFL cuts is upon us. Brcause they have a ridiculously low roster number (53) and no DL for a grueling 16 game season, surprise cuts are a part of the game. I thought this article from SI was interesting and this writer thinks Colt McCoy is already in danger of being cut in Cleveland.


Colt McCoy, the Texas golden boy and college football's all-time winningest quarterback, seems to have avoided the NFL chopping block. Or maybe not.

McCoy's disappointing preseason has led to his name surfacing as one that could fall victim to roster cuts. Browns coach Eric Mangini recently offered an endorsement, sort of, for McCoy. He said the decision has not been made and offensive coordinator Eric Mangini has kept four quarterbacks before. When it comes to NFL roster cuts, though, nothing ever
I had no idea he was looking that unimpressive. How bad do you have to be to get cut as a third rounder that your team traded up to get?

Any other surprise cuts coming? Let's talk about 'em here...