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You can't go jerking out starting pitchers at the first sign of trouble in the 6th inning when he's previously given up one single run and 60-some pitches. I don't care if it's a pennant race or not... that's far too reactionary.

It's a pennant race, but it's not do-or-die. They're up 7 games with 25 to play... that's pretty significant. No use in acting like it's game 7 of the World Series because he'd given up a solo double with 2 outs.

I just disagree. I would have managed this game like the seventh game of the World Series.

Reds could have taken a nine game lead.

What are we saving the relievers for? Tomorrow in Colorado? This was a "nail in the coffin" type game and the Reds could have won it.

Not the game to work on Homer's durability or confidence IMO. This was the game to go all out to win, and IMO they didn't.