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But they went 6-12 against the Cardinals this season. That's unacceptable, and it's why The Cardinals still have life.
Our season head-to-head record vs the Cards is inconsequential at this point, and we don't play the Cards again the remainder of the year. After this Rockie series we have 22 games remaining against some pretty poor teams, all sub-500, in Pitt, Ariz, Houston, and Milwaukee. We had a 3 game set vs the Pads (away) who lost 10 straight before breaking out of their skid.

Nothing is a given obviously, but if we keep playing like we have the course of the season we'll be alright. The Cards play some of those same teams but have three tough 4 game sets coming up vs ATL (away), and then SD and end the season with Colorado. The pressure is on them not us.