MLB- 30 teams with a 162 game regular season and 8 playoff spots.
NFL- 32 teams with a 16 game regular season and 12 playoff spots.
NBA- 30 teams with a 82 game regular season and 16 playoff spots
NHL- 30 teams with a 82 game regular season and 16 playoff spots.

NFL is single game elimination. NBA and NHL are 4 best of 7 series.

Meanwhile in the MLB. There are 3 rounds with the first one being only a best of 5.

Anyway, I wanted to put together a short list of reasons for and against a playoff expansion that likely never will happen.

Reasons for:
My main argument for it would be the number of games played. 162 is alot of games to play to only have 8 teams be post-season eligible. Not to mention, if the NBA/NHL can have 4 rounds of 7 game elimination why can't MLB. Finally, it would generate more income for all those involved. Post finally, more fan interest!

Reasons against:
I guess the first reason against that comes to my mind is the potential cheapening of the regular season. Obviously there is nothing like the pennant race in September. The last reason I can think of is tradition. We all know baseball doesn't like to change and I respect why it doesn't.

I realize this might not be the best year to open this discussion, but I can't help but notice the disconnect that occurs when comparing the MLB to other American pro sports leagues when it comes to the playoffs. I am interested in hearing the comments/thoughts of this forum regarding why there shouldn't be more postseason eligible teams.