It appears that the REDS have hit a wall.

With the Cardinals completely imploding, the REDS have been given a huge lead that's allowed them to relax.

It's only a 4-game losing streak, but it's how they've lost. They haven't been in any of them, except maybe the Harang start where they had a 4-run lead and then proceeded to leave 11 men on base from the 4th through 7th innings. They couldn't come up with the big hit.

They've temporarily lost their edge.

They're tired, and it shows.

Something they haven't done once all season is go an entire rotation and lose all 5 starts. They haven't lost 5 in a row once this year.

Their strength has been their starting pitching and their resilience. They've come back so many times and their Starters have come up big so often this year that's it's expected.

Tomorrow afternoon will be a big game to see if they can do it one more time.

I'm leaning that they do it yet, once more.