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Also, the person earlier mentioned something about Pujols not running out a ball or something. Well he has not been right since rolling over on his ankle in Washington. He is playing with an ankle injury right now. While I admire him for it, there has been a clear deterioration in his place since that accident.
I was about to comment on that as well. Pujols' range at first has even diminished since he rolled his ankle and his power left him for a bit as well. He has gotten that back the last two days, but he still has issues with running. LaRussa claims (although Pujols wouldn't admit to it) that Pujols is also nursing a sore/stiff back.

I think it's amazing that he's able to play as much as he is with the back, ankle and elbow "ouchies". He hardly ever misses a game. He's a bulldog.