Hello all. I've only been following the Reds since last season. I grew up in Western New York in the days when the Buffalo Bills were actually a team worth watching. No MLB teams around and I wasn't that interested in hockey, so I stuck with football.

When I was nine we moved to South Jersey, near Philadelphia. My loyalty to my Bills stayed in place, and as my parents had no big interest in baseball I never really developed one either. When I got in high school I played my Junior and Senior year and began developing an understanding and enjoyment of the sport, but I never really became one to watch the games, and so I never became a Phillies fan.

Anyways, I went off to college, met my future wife, and moved out here to Ohio. I still didn't really watch baseball until last summer when we attended a couple Dayton Dragons games. I really enjoyed myself, and later in the summer I attended my first ever Reds game with some friends. I was hooked.

Baseball started to pique my interest more and more and I found myself watching games on TV. It was nice to have a sport when football was not around, and I was never big on Basketball or Hockey.

So I became a casual Reds fan over the rest of the season. When this season came around I decided I really wanted to immerse myself in the Reds. I figured since the team hadn't done well for awhile, I couldn't really be accused of jumping on the bandwagon (kind of funny considering how well they're doing this year). Plus, I'm a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, so I'm kind of a glutton for punishment.

Anyways, this past spring and summer has been truly a great experience. I've gone to four games this year, and have taken my one-year old son to all of them, and I'm now a lifelong fan, no matter what happens down the line. And so I decided to join up with a forum, and this was the best one I found.

So it's wonderful to meet you all.