I figure that, before too long, OBM will initiate the new annual Top 40. In advance of that, I thought it might help everybody get their ducks in a row if we took a look at all the prospects by position groups. Might make it more manageable.

I'll do six groups:

1. Starting pitchers
2. Relief pitchers (granted, the lines between the two are blurred, but it seems a little easier to get a handle on it this way, comparing guys with similar worksheets)
3. Catchers
4. Corner infielders
5. Middle infielders
5. Outfielders

I'm not going to rank any particular number at each position--just as many as seems appropriate. I invite everyone to do the same.

I'll start with a new thread on starting pitchers, then post another every two or three days. There are no deadlines, no polls, no criteria, no final result. Just take a look at the field, if you care to, and order the prospects as you see fit.