I love me some Reds but I have to believe this years team has to be one of the worst playioff teams in history. I mean this year the playoffs for the Reds are just a bonus because no one thought they would be here. But this team isnt put together very well at all. They have no leadoff hitter an Dusty only plays 2 outfielders most nights. They have the weakest #4 hitter in baseball an there baseball knowledge as a team isnt there.

I feel they will make the playoffs because theres no one in the division that can catch them. If they were 40gms left in the season No i dont think they make the playoffs but with so little games left they will.

Also there players are slumping(choking) very badly right now. Votto is the man and he hasnt did anything in over a month. Rolen has been absent since the All-Star game. Phillips checked out when he got hit. The only players that are playing is Caberra an Hannigan/Hernandez. AN dont get me started on the pitching staff. This teams pitching is awful. So they are luckly making the playoffs which is a good thing but will be sweep in the first round.

Now with the bonus season over the Reds need to put a team on the field next year that can win a championship. They need a true #1 pitcher, bullpen help, a OF with power, and a leadoff man. They need to shed some money somehow and add some guys that will help in the payoffs. So the Reds are winning but not lately an they will suffer for it in the playoffs.