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Thanks for the insult.

I don't think it was funny and I don't need to "lighten up". For the exact reason you think it is funny, I find it to be in poor taste.

Simple rules to live by:
1. Treat other people how you would like to be treated
2. Keep your hands to yourself
3. Treat women with respect (he did not know if Brutus was a woman)

I would like to thank everyone that decided that to point out how people who don't find it funny need to "lighten up". You as the guardians of comedy have made me see the light.

The bar for humor has been lowered. You can now go back to your "Jackass The Movie", or whatever low brow humor floats your boat. When the TV show "Ow, My Balls" comes out I am sure it will get high ratings in your houses.

I am done with this topic as well. You guys can have the last word, and can go back to your endorsement of stupidity and lack of decorum.