I don't get to post much anymore on this board, as I'm busier now with my job, along with my daughter's ventures, but I was kinda' curious what everybody's take of this whole post-season berth is.

Are you in the mindset of "I'm happy that it's happening, but I look for them to be promptly eliminated"?

Do you feel "Please let somebody else draw Philadelphia in the first round of playoffs"?

I'm somewhere in between, especially seeing how the month of September has played out for them. I keep telling myself that they are playing like this so that they could come back home to clinch this thing in front of a home crowd, but I know that's far fecthed.

I know that the Reds have had a month of September that had them go a stretch of 3 straight weeks without a day off, which obviously wore on the players, and it seems like the "real" Dusty that I remember as the manager of the Cubs has resurfaced, for me being that 13-1 loss against the Brewers when anybody, my wife included who is not a baseball fan, could see that Cueto was way off and he didn't get him out soon enough and when he did, he replaced him with Harang.

It's goofy stuff like this that makes you wonder what the post-season will hold. I know this team has the talent and tools to go deep into the post season, I just don't think Dusty is the best of stewards to oversee that talent.