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Thread: Which Corner Are You In?

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    How can you not love this year? A Red who could be the MVP in Votto, beating the Cards for the division title....really cool.

    The Phiilies are the best team in baseball over a short series, no question.

    But they do have to play the games and win them, and if baseball teaches us nothing else, it's that anything can happen in a small sample size.

    This isnt about who is the best team, it's about who is best on the scheduled game days.

    The Reds were not better than the A's in 1990, but they were during a 4 game stretch.

    I don't think anyone here would pick them to win it all, but they still play the games, you know?
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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    Quote Originally Posted by mdccclxix View Post
    In general, I think this town could do better to refocus their perception of the Reds from one of former royalty, oldest franchise, etc, to current real underdog. Without the payroll of NY, LA, Chicago teams, they've accomplished a lot. The underdog angle hasn't been used at all by the media or the Reds, but they really are one at this point. And they'll always be one as far as I can see. So, I guess that puts me on the side of being excited to just get the call to go the playoffs, then see what happens.
    Yes the town needs to realign their hope with the fact that they are an underdog, that they are a small market team in a big market showcase (playoffs)

    They also need to quit saying their the oldest franchise and start saying 1st professional team.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    Fior anyone who say that we would have no chance to beat the Phillies, I say "Have you never watched baseball before"?

    In baseball, the worse baseball team can beat the best. And we are a good team.

    The Phillies likely have a 60% chance to beat us. But that's all.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    The current issue of ESPN the Magazine has an article about being hot, or cold going into the playoffs. Statistically speaking they found very little correlation to late season play and actual playoff results. They also pointed out that in the last 48 playoff series, that homefield advantage was irrelevant (24-24). Ryan Hanigan is just as likely to be a playoff hero as Ryan Howard.
    Hugs, smiling, and interactive Twitter accounts, don't mean winning baseball. Until this community understands that we are cursed to relive the madness.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    For me, baseball is about the ride. The downs are as important as the ups. I occasionally get really bummed out by a "big loss" like the 3-run homer off Bailey by Molina a few weeks ago. And last night too. But ... it's part of the process.

    For those of us who remember, losing the series in 1972 made winning in 1975 all the sweeter.

    Losing in September doesn't make this season bad. Look at it this way, if both the Reds and Cards win today, the Reds have a chance to clinch at home.

    Playoffs? Satisfied to get there? Not really. I really WANT them to win it all. I really DON'T want them to get blown out in the first round. But, I'll take it one game at a time. Whatever happens, it will be great to get there.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    Gene Tenace
    Bucky Dent
    Rick Dempsey
    Kurt Bevacqua
    Darrell Porter
    Billy Hatcher
    Pat Borders
    Scott Brosius
    David Eckstein

    These are players that just off the top of my head I can remember being difference makers in the post season.

    Like PuffyPig and others have said, anything can happen in the playoffs.

    Personally, I always just happy to have a contending team. I thoroughly enjoyed the late 80's when the Reds lead by Rose finished second year after year after year. Meaningful September baseball is all I ever ask for.
    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    I have two Reds team photos in my office. One is of the '75 team and one was of the '73 team.

    There are people in Boston who still think Carlton Fisk won the World Series. There are still people in Cincinnati that still are stunned that they got beat by Jon Matlack.

    When they make it, I'm buying pennants, shirts, etc. You never know.
    Some people play baseball. Baseball plays Jay Bruce.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    The shame of it will be that there will be some fans who are disappointed in this season if they get bounced in the first round. There will be rehashing of games where things could have been differently, there will be critiques of lineups and of certain games lost, there will be blame put on some players where maybe it will be unfair, and even of trades that were not made. "If they just did these 4 things differently, they could have had played team X and then advanced."

    And that will be sad.

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    Re: What Corner Are You In?

    Quote Originally Posted by RFS62 View Post
    Yeah, who really gave the 1990 Reds a ghost of a chance against the A's? Certainly none of the pundits. And not many outside of the Reds nation.

    Talent rules over the long haul. But sometimes a group of guys can catch lightning in a bottle and do things that can't be reasonably predicted.

    We have to play our best baseball to make it out of the first round in the playoffs. We did against Pittsburgh in 1990. That series was a thing of beaury. And I believe the confidence and incredible wave of europhoria that came out of that series played a large part in sweeping the A's.

    A short series can bring that kind of beauty, and conversly it can bring Reggie Sandersesque horror like 1995.

    This season has been such a blessing.... such a wonderfull gift to the survivors of the "lost decade". Savor it. Don't take it for granted. Find a way, anyway, to enjoy it. You don't know when it will happen again. We may well play championship baseball for the next several years. But nobody knows for sure. I thought the '75-'76 Reds would rule for several more years.
    You just never know for sure.

    Find a way to savor every nano-second.
    Thank you, my friend. My sentiments exactly!
    Talent is God Given: be humble.
    Fame is man given: be thankful.
    Conceit is self given: be careful.

    John Wooden

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    This season has been so fun that anything else from here on out is gravy. Worrying about thow they'll fare in the post-season is a waste of energy in my mind.
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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    I've been very frustrated with the way the Reds have played lately, but at the same time I'm enjoying this. It's been a great season. I've waited a long time for this. There were times when I thought I would never see the Reds play in the playoffs, now the time has finally come. I hope this is the first of many great seasons to come for the Reds.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    I'm really thrilled for the younger fans. At 44, I've been fortunate to enjoy some really good periods of Reds baseball--including three World Champs. We have teenagers and folks well into their 20's who are enjoying a playoff run for the first time in their lives after years of rooting on a crappy franchise. That is pretty awesome.

    Enjoy the hell out of it my friends!
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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    I'm not usually satisfied with less than the best so I want them to win the World Series and that's pretty much it. Call me a pessimist if you want. I'll still enjoy the ride every bit as much as anybody else.
    There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.

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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    Quote Originally Posted by westofyou View Post
    Yes the town needs to realign their hope with the fact that they are an underdog, that they are a small market team in a big market showcase (playoffs)

    They also need to quit saying their the oldest franchise and start saying 1st professional team.
    There is still dignity in being a major league team, so I really see no downside to embracing our role as an underdog team, and underdog city. It's a powerful anecdote and isn't a stretch to look at things that way. Somehow, I think some fans think of the Reds more like UK in basketball, but I think of them more like XU. The past is the past and you have to earn your shot - this team has, despite the odds. I'm not fearful of the Phillies or any other team, just ready to seize the opportunity.
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    Re: Which Corner Are You In?

    It's been a very entertaining and fun filled season. Anything can happen in the post season, there are no guarantees of when we'll have another chance to be a part of something like this, let's enjoy the moment.

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